Through intensive cooperation within the consortium and in close liaison with a reference client, the AUTOLOADER project went ahead at speed. All milestones were reached according to plan:

08/2009 Creation of AUTOLOADER GmbH and start of the selection process for the consortium partners, start of the development process
05/2010 Completion of the first financing round
07/2010 Signing of a letter of intent for the sale of the first four AUTOLOADER systems to a leading airport systems supplier
09/2010 Proof of concept: completion of the  “Gamma System” (see trailer)
12/2010 Commissioning of the second handling system after further development
02/2011 Presentation of the AUTOLOADER prototype
04/2011 Closing of the second financing round
06/2011 Development start of an application of Autoloader's technology for the automotive industry 
12/2011 Closing of a follow-up financing round
02/2012 First sale of Autoloader's robot technology for an alternative use