The AUTOLOADER system is designed in a modular fashion and can be integrated into planned new airports as well as into existing baggage handling systems – without expensive changes to the existing infrastructure.

The loading sequence:

  1. On entry into the AUTOLOADER system, bags are scanned with the AUTOLOADER 3D image processor. The specially developed software allows many attributes of the bags to be recorded, including size, shape and rigidity.
  2. The system then stores the baggage items in a sorting bay.
  3. In the meantime, the AUTOLOADER software (which works along the lines of the “Tetris” computer game) calculates the optimal arrangement of the items in the container. The items, in optimised order, are made ready in the sorting bay.
  4. The baggage is picked up by a robot, using the proprietary AUTOLOADER gripper, and loaded in the exact place in the aircraft container (Unit Load Device = ULD) as calculated by the Tetris software. The whole process is dynamic and takes place without interruption – the optimal loading sequence is constantly re-calculated. The loading process takes 10 seconds per bag.

The image processing system checks the whole loading process continuously and initiates corrections to the process, for example, when a baggage item ends up lying in a different position in the container from that calculated. The best thing is: over time, the software will learn and adopt optimised loading strategies, so that the quality of the loading process is continuously improved.