Why does every airport in the world still depend on manual labour for baggage handling? Because until now there was no technical solution to loading suitcases and bags off the conveyor belts fully-automatically into the ULD containers. There are too many types of baggage, and they vary too much in terms of weight, shape and rigidity. An additional complication is the difficult access to the ULD containers.

AUTOLOADER has succeeded in designing and building a fully-automated loading system, which bridges this gap between baggage conveyor and loading operation.

AUTOLOADER opens up potential improvements for all those involved:

Airport operators

can close the cost-intensive and inefficient gap in the automation chain. Processes are optimised, space is more efficiently used, personnel costs are reduced. In addition, loading by machine allows heightened security requirements to be met.

Airlines save loading costs and can calculate the time required to load on a more reliable basis. Also, the unloading of baggage belonging to “no-show” passengers is greatly accelerated.
Baggage handlers will benefit from reduced strain. Manual loading is hard physical labour, which is not compatible with EU guidelines on health and safety. The likelihood of a baggage handler suffering a severe work-related injury is 5 times the average.
Passengers can rely on their baggage arriving on time and undamaged. Thanks to AUTOLOADER, the number of wrongly loaded items of baggage is greatly reduced.