AUTOLOADER. The first fully automated baggage loading system for airports
Automatically more efficient – automatically more secure

Problems with baggage 

Statistically, every 64th passenger experiences problems with baggage handling. It does not get loaded onto the plane. It leaves on the wrong plane. It misses the connection flight. It gets damaged. Sometimes it is lost altogether. Baggage problems are cited by airline passengers as the second most frustrating service issue after flight delays.

In the EU, 15,000 items of baggage go missing every day, at an overall cost of about 1.2 million euros per day. 

Baggage loading also involves high personnel costs, not to mention the physical strain on the handlers, who each lift up to 18 tonnes per shift.

The cause of the problem? Baggage movement at airports is fully automated – but only up to the point where the baggage is stowed in ULD (Unit Load Device) containers.

There is a considerable gap in the handling chain, creating high costs and unnecessary administrative effort for airport operators and airlines.

AUTOLOADER closes this gap in the system.